my Logo

“the Posh Mingo”  is a store I am in the process of opening up.  The name came long ago when my daughter was little she loved and still loves flamingos.  One day we were at a local thrift shop looking for items to make a costume and she came across this 3 foot tall stuffed flamingo which she would not let go until I agreed to pay the 1.50 price tag.  So we lugged it up to the counter paid for it and “Mingo” the Flamingo name was born and adopted by the Landry household.  This Flamingo had a few small stains and a few holes  and its long neck was broken, hanging, pitiful but she took this flamingo into our home I repaired all the small holes and we fixed it’s neck and this Mingo was from then on a part of our family.  She looked pass all its imperfections and took care of it like it was one of the pristine toys that most kids get from a toy store perfect out of the box.  She has then and still sees perfection in things that many consider trash or imperfect.  She is about to graduate college with a degree in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology,  a perfect career for this unique caring person.

The name has been explained so when a certain baby who was very dear to my heart and who’s little life was cut short at a mere 2.5 months old.  I decided to put my daughter’s outlook into a cause which I believe in together and there the creation of “the Posh Mingo” was born.  I hold a seat on a local Domestic Violence board in my parish.  I always donated items to a local shelter but I didn’t understand the true meaning of a shelter like this until I became a board member.  The number of people who need this service is unbelievable and the funding is never enough to make ends meet for the families who need our help.  With all this said I have decided to put all my talents into helping others who need it the most.  Helping these little Flamingo’s to know they are beautiful and deserve to be treated with respect and LOVE everyday.

I will be selling handmade items – mostly children’s clothing that I make myself and I am hoping to get items from my friends that are also in the sewing/craft world.   I plan on donating a portion of the proceeds of each item to our local domestic violence shelter.

Many children are caught up in a domestic violence household with no protection until it is sometimes too late.  Showing families that there is a way out that they don’t have to live in that type of environment is what we strive for ……A way out…….and LOVE.